In 1967 WHSB performed it's first public concert in Montour High School auditorium.  That was 50 years ago!  To celebrate WHSB offers a repeat performance of that first 1967 program.  As before it will be performed in Montour HS auditorium.   On March 5, 2017 3:00pm.  All are invited to a reception following this concert.
1967 musicians                     1967 officers        
1967 board of directors       1967 sponsors

  • Conductor:  Clem Rolin
  • Associate Conductor:  Tom Snyder
  • President:  Laura Smith (serves until Fall of 2017)
  • Vice-President:  Justin Miller (serves until Fall of 2018)
  • Secretary/Treasurer:  Karen Koszak  (serves until Fall 2019)
  • Advisory Board:  Bill Balas (serves until Fall of 2019)
                                                Art & Sue Craft (serves until Fall of 2017)
                                                Jamie Kasper  (serves until Fall of 2018)
                                                Jenell Jacks (serves until Fall of 2019)
                                                Diana Wells Miller (serves until Fall of 2018)
                                               Joe Sheeler (serves until Fall of 2017)
  • Ad Hoc Program Designer:  Kelly Englert
  • Webmaster:  Rich Pawlish