Free admission!  (Donations at the door always welcome.)


Sunday, 26 February 2023  3:00PM

Location:  Montour High School 


Sunday, 30 April 2023  3:00PM
Montour High School 


Business Patrons


Progressive Music


Renaissance City Winds


Coldwell Banker Real Estate Services


Anita Kulik

State Representative, 45th District


Alan P. Skwarla, Esq.


Zizak Professional Services, LLC

Aquatemp Global
Seller of TMJ Appliances


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Personal Patrons


Benefactor ($1000+)


Connoisseur ($500+)


Noreen & Mike Oswalt
Dollar Bank Foundation

Barry & Susan Macek
John H. Neurohr: Freelance Musician/
     WHSB Trombonist
Harold & Marsha Ostrander

Eric & Patricia Fulmer

Maestro ($250+)

Bill & Chris Englert
Char & Jack Andes in memory of
     Gary McKeever
Elizabeth Forward Marching Band Class of 
     1997 in loving memory of Gary McKeever

Mickey & Karen O'Rourke in memory
     of Gary McKeever

Dennis Papula in memory of Gary McKeever

Tony & Judy Cugini

Conductor ($100+)

Anonymous (2)

Rich Shyan
Marjorie Schaefer in memory of husband, Bill
Mary Ann Kerting
Fredrick R. Lutz, Sr.

Kathleen Melia Weiherer
Ken & Linda Barth

Jack & Kathy McKeever in memory of
     Gary McKeever
Don & Eleanor Taylor in memory of
     Gary McKeever
Steve Lynch & Members of the South Hills
     Brass Quintet in memory of Gary McKeever
Fry/Smedley families in memory of
     Gary McKeever
Joyce Linn & children in memory of
     Gary McKeever
Mike Pesta

Conlon Family in memory of Gary McKeever
Donna Todd
Pamela Littlefield
Art & Sue Craft


Concertmaster ($75+)

Jim & Carol Cassella
Maria Ly in memory of Gary McKeever


Principal ($50+)
Julia Miller in memory of my husband,

     George Robert Schuler

Bill Lewis

Doug & Karen Meley
Renee & Dave Stockey in memory of
     Gary McKeever

Denise Ignasky in memory of Gary McKeever
Amanda (Kelley) Brown in memory of
     Gary McKeever


Performer ($25+)

Chuck, Claudia, Alicia, & Brooke Stierheim

Keith & Mary Kaye Kropf & Family
Peggy Morrison in memory of Ken Morrison
Allan & Mandi Neher
Joanne Koeberle
Mark Despotakis in memory of Gary McKeever

Carolyn & Rich Despotakis in memory of
     Gary McKeever
Keith & Mary Kaye Kropf & family


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